TexMalt is a craft malt house located in Fort Worth, Texas. We partner with local farms to grow, produce, and source high quality grains. Our vision is to connect the grain to the glass by providing local grains to brewers and distillers across the region.

Our Story

Chase and Austin founded TexMalt in 2015 to become a part of the industry they appreciate so much. As they both often explain when asked why they started a malt house- “Texas craft beer and spirits deserve and should demand high quality, locally farmed and malted grains. Currently, the only thing local about most of these products is the water they use.”

TexMalt’s mission is to partner with breweries, distilleries, and farmers to produce quality malted grains. These efforts help provide the farming community with a new cash crop, as well as put the “local” in craft beer and spirits.

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